Stash Serafin Turns Adversities into Adventures

Ruth Anne Wood chats with her dear friend world-class figure skater and Sensitive Movement Coach, Stash Serafin about how to set and achieve seemingly impossible goals including creating an international peace community. Eavesdrop on the co-authors of  You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! as they invite you to explore what it means to “Live Your Peace” mentally, emotionally, politically, economically, creatively and socially.

Live Your Peace interviews
Stash Serafin

Little did Ruth Anne Wood and Stash Serafin know that Live Your Peace interview series would circle globe and connect with some of the most innovative, generous self starters and superstars on the planet!

Ruth used these principles to maximize personal and professional success by focusing on what already felt good in her life! Continue the conversation online through a rich community of people who use powerful tools to set and achieve their dreams! Inspiring blind ice skater. Motivational speaker, co-author teaches ice skating as a metaphor of life.

Check out more of Stash’s resources at or call 215-806-0799

On page 123 of Dorthy Hamill’s 2007 book:A Skating Life: My Story Dorthy says, “I was moved to tears by Stash‘s courageous performance.”

Stash’s coach Uschi Keszler (Former German National Champion 1960s) Stash trains
to be the oldest man to land the quad, a figure skating jump with four revolutions.

“The Coaches Coach”, Terri Levine, says this about Stash’s autobiographical book, “You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! is inspirational and entertaining.  You will be immersed in the life of Stash Serafin and be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your life and yourself. Masterfully written.”

Read back cover…

What can a visionary writer and a blind figure skater teach YOU about getting
everything YOU want by moving with ease, joy and passion through life? Meet
Stash Serafin, who  has performed, worked with and taught Olympic and
world-class figure skaters for over 30 years. How did he do it? Through
Serafin Sensitivity Skating Skills. TM

Stash’s coauthor Ruth Anne Wood is a playwright and the founder of Scripting
for Success TM , a coaching process that has helped her clients use body awareness and inspirational stories to experience romance, financial abundance and personal fulfillment in their lives. Together Ruth and Stash teach the joy of scripting and skating through


Spiritual Beings:
Tired of the pain of trying to fix others? Focus on what feels good. Be
an inspiration. Live your passion. Get your success map on page 33.

Attract and keep the love you want from slipping through your fingers. Get
help on page 26.

Prevent costly injuries. Move with confidence, grace and power. Pages 35, 69
access the body’s genius.

Eavesdrop on what fans are saying about the blind figure skater and
visionary writer on pages 86-98.

Get you copies on

Thriving Artist Press

Release Date: 11/11/07

Perfect binding  soft cover

RUTH ANNE WOOD (RAW), is the director of Scripting for Success TM, a production company that helps clients “set and achieve impossible dreams.” She is the editor of the
ezine “Script Your Success.” Ruth is also the editor of multiple books and is available for interviews nationwide at 215-872-5035 or

STASH SERAFIN is an inspiring blind ice skater. Motivational speaker, co-author teaches ice skating as a metaphor of life.available for national interviews at: or call 215-806-0799

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    • ruthanne says:

      Thanks. I took a long break starting this blog in 2009. Now I’ve got reinspired to generous community builders and philanthropists who are eagerly making a positive difference in the world through monetary, creative, thoughtful and resourceful contributions. I bring the mindset and the spiritual connection and focus to such a group of leaders. Thanks for your encouraging feedback, Drew!

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