Kate Whorlow clothes your kids in bamboo

Kate Whorlow is the creative brain behind Dillas Baban, unique clothes for kids. She live in Cornwall with her husband and two girls and specializes in bright and colourful baby and children’s wear which she makes herself from bamboo and 100% cotton and then tie dye for a unique look for your child. It’s amazing the healing properties of bamboo and how it protects your baby’s skin.

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Kate Whorlow


When Kate had her first daughter she was given lots of clothes (as you usually do with your first :D) and although she got some gorgeous baby clothes she soon discovered that there wasn’t really much available that was unique and different to what all the other babies at the baby group were wearing. So Kate decided when she had her second daughter that she would make her own instead.

The creator of Dillas Baban has always loved tie dye clothes and there was a distinct lack of tie dye baby clothes available – very popular in the US still catching on in the UK. Kate loves having clothes that reflect the personality of her girls, their vibrancy and energy and love of nature – that’s Kate’s inspiration for her work πŸ™‚

Please have a good look through Kate’s pages on this website and don’t hesitate to buy something for yourself, or as a gift. All of the clothes are available as custom orders, so if there is a particular colour you are looking for then please use theΒ Custom Orders link.

Have fun shopping and thanks for stopping by today πŸ™‚ If you love what you see, please tell your friends πŸ™‚ for an extra incentive, use the contact form to let Kate know the email addresses of all the friends you have recommended our site to and when they place an order and quote their email address in the ‘Add note to seller’ box on PayPal then you will each receive Β£5 off your next order over Β£30! πŸ™‚ Don’t forget that all the prices include delivery too so no surprises when you get to the checkout – and for a limited time you also receive a free gift too!.

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