Dr. Yvonne Kaye uses Humor for Bereaved Parents

A “proper” British lady, Dr. Yvonne Kaye gets a record turnout from hardened criminals when her friendly farewell is lost in translation. Dr. Yvonne Kaye Ph.D. has the audience in stitches as she talks about how humor has shaped her life and brought her to work with bereaved parents, death and dying counseling, work in the prisons, her own radio show at night and much more. Also the humor with coming from London to the United States is a interesting adjustment period.

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Yvonne Kaye

“For over fifty years I have been involved with people in pain. I believe that lessons can be learned from every experience and in so doing, open communication with others who know pain and grief regardless of origin. Although I would love to have had a simpler way, my childhood, being raised inthe Blitz, bombed out, evacuated, created an understanding of the human condition. It caused me to question religion, politics, competition, all of which has much to answer for in the quest for peace. My unique two way talk radio show for eighteen years addressed issues people had never had the opportunity to express. What I became especially known for was my dedication to the use of humour and spirit. I still am. Now that I am reinventing myself, my mission is to use my wisdom and life to help others realise their enormous potential or, as it has been known over the years – to introduce people to themselves, whilst laughing with themselves instead of at!” -Dr. Yvonne Kaye, Ph.D.

Dr. Kaye’s expertise is multifaceted as an:
-Interfaith Minister
-Thanatologist (end of life and death of loved ones)
-Addictionist (helps with people’s harmful habits and behavior).
-Works with women on spiritual/self esteem aspects
-Retreat Leader -Storyteller
-Lecturer: Metaphysic
-Meditation and imagery dealing with stress

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