Catherine Jansen shares her work in India, spiritual practice and photography

Catherine Jansen has been making images for over twenty years, has exhibited and published both nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of a National Endowment of the Arts Grant, and two Cultural Incentive Grants. Ms. Jansen’s work is represented in numerable museum and corporate collections. We interviewed her for her thirty trips to India including Varanasi¬†where she is engaged in spiritual retreat and now helping girls in an orphanage and people in need in the community.

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Catherine Jansen

A few years ago Catherine’s personal life, and consequently my work, made a radical shift. Her earlier photographic work was centered on the domestic landscape and the backyard garden. When her children started college there was an opening, a new freedom to travel that widened my focus. The domestic landscape enlarged to include wherever she happened to be, her personal garden expanded into the world around her. No longer bound by family and duty, Ms Jansen became a wanderer, traveling in many countries, often times alone, just touching with eyes, heart, gut, and camera the great mystery of each moment.

She worked on a daily basis, taking photographs as an ongoing interior dialogue and a celebration of the unnamable embedded in each experience. She has learned that the hungry eye is always rewarded. She take multitudes of photographs, which she later weaves together into more complex images. Catherine has found that photographing and then merging images taken from several angles and perspectives gives a closer echo of the experience then a single recording of it. It has been both necessary and also challenging for me to take time off over the last few years to work with and refine this new direction in my image making, as well as to learn the new technology needed so that it could become an intuitive tool. These images from India, Wherever I Go, You are There, make the first body of work that she has completed from this time period. She presently has images in process from several other countries.

This winter she plans to travel and to photograph with my dog in eastern India. Catherine Jansen funds needs of children who need a dentist, suffering dogs or other people she meets on her daily path. If you feel inspired you can send your tax deductible donation to: Catherine Jansen 152 Heacock La. Wyncote, Pa. 19095 215 884 317 <<== You’ve got to see these!!!

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