Aura Rose expressing healing beauty and life

Aura Rose was born psychic and continues to develop as a healing artist and as fine artist. She enjoys sharing her skills in healing and bringing advice, clarity, organization and original art to beautify, inspire and enrich people’s lives as well as their homes. Aura Rose is writing books – a cookbook, art books while she creates multimedia art. When she is not helping people with their life challenges, She sells antiques, collectibles, art and supplies online. As part of her entertainment production company, Desert Mermaid Productions, Aura Rose also conducts Sacred Adventure Tours.

Live Your Peace interview
Aura Rose

Aura Rose
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I am an artist who is passionate about helping to build a more sustainable world. I try to re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose found objects into unique expressions of art.

Archetypes or images that appeal to the collective unconscious inspire me to explore the mystery of form by conjuring up original ideas from the depths of my experiences.

The vibrant presence in people and plants strangely affects our mood. Intuition plays a major role in bringing forth the “Spirit Portraits” in my paintings of people and their pets.

I created my Abundance Goddess Sculptures to evoke an artifact-like quality. Each Goddess piece represents a contemporary image. Each one incorporates hidden meanings suggested by their figural curves.

These goddesses are meant to spark creativity, invoke fertility and awaken within oneself the deeper mysteries of the universe.

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Rose also offers Healing Inspiration at:

Aura Rose enjoys offering prolific budding artists Real Art Production Studio Internships where she and her fellow Artisans whip up items for

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