How Chimps became our Toastmaster Role Model

I really enjoyed being Tip Master today as did my fellow Doylestown Toastmasters who resonated with my speaking tips inspired by Chimpanzee behavior. At first I was going to read some hum drum tips on the 10 basics of public speaking then between the time my printer was acting up and the next morning, the day of our meeting I began to ponder how primal man must have communicated. On trusty Google, Jacqui Murray‘s blog post came up on Chimpanzee behavior as a window into primordial human behavior. I modified it to fit my audience and received great reception. To our delight, speakers playfully adopted some chimp speech suggestions. Copies of my speech were requested to be sent to the whole group. Read this two page article, mostly bullet points, get a chuckle and consider using some chimp behavior in your next speech! Thanks Jacqui Murray for the research! ==> How Man Communicated Before He Had Words

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