Do you think Live Your Peace should be at Sundance?

Ah Ha Moments
Talk about synchronicity. I posted a challenge on my facebook wall yesterday to post a 200 word “Live Your  Peace” interview review in three places online and simultaneously my friend and first success coach Beth Meininger was writing a love note for the Carol Denker interview! Wow!
The 6 minute version of  Live Your Peace soon to be expanded for Sundance


So until Beth writes one 200 word reviews and posts them in three places, maybe you want to be the first to do this challenge? I’d just love to give you that $50 gift certificate for any of the featured interview guest sites you review and post in three places.

Hey if you really like me bringing you interviews with some pretty generous teachers I want to hear about it!

Stay tuned from more juicy interviews and PLEASE comment on the one  you like…

Win a $50 gift certificate for the best review of one of the following interviews:


We’ll be having a second Live Your Peace workshop/filming event in
June with the mission to create a documentary for The Sundance Film
Festival. If you want to be one of the speakers on a larger stage
that gets more than 30 seconds to share your message of peace send
an email to:


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xoxo Ruth

PS I created a blog for the Live Your Peace interviews. Let me know
what you think. Share it with friends!

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