Anita Laughlin What Happens at the Nobel Awards?

Take a royal adventure to the Nobel Awards in Oslo and Stockholm
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Ever wonder what it would be like to win a Nobel Prize? Anita Laughlin, a second-grade teacher from Palo Alto, Calif., wrote her new book Reindeer with King Gustaf, about how her husband won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1998. She has been married for 31 years to Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, a theoretical physicist at Stanford University. Reindeer with King Gustaf tells how she and her two sons supported her husband’s mind-boggling work and shared in the glory of his accomplishments at the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. Go ahead and listen to an interview that has you sitting on a bus with some of the smartest scientific minds, dining with royalty and making a difference in the lives of 2nd graders!

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