Eric Venuto how does your vote count more than every four years?

If you think election day is the most important day to vote think gain. Eric Venuto reminds us that we keep certain organizations and people in power by where we spend our money. If we buy things that are made out of state or country, guess where our money, jubs and government funding goes?

Live Your Peace interviews
Eric Venuto

Live Your Peace interviews Eric Venuto

Listen to how Eric Venuto is an Everyday Voter who uses his expertise in Design and Illustration for Peace Marketing

Everyday Voter


Mission:  “To create trend-setting graphic campaigns for public awareness
about our endurance as modern consumers and how we can make a big
change easily.

Eric Venuto is a musician, graphic designer, and peace advocate.  He
syndicates the tenets of peace through my music, reject design clients
whom I believe undermine peace in their business affairs
( He has contributed to several peace
campaigns through street and web presentations including
(Every Day Voter) Stop aganda, and The Hello Project.

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