Grace comes with every acknowledged blessing.

Radiant vision helps me notice all the people, opportunities

and gifts here to support my focused intentions.

Attitude of self love is my benchmark for all that occurs for me today.

Touched deeply by all the connections made clear to me,

I hold everyone around me in the highest light.

Trust in the process is what keeps me

committed to gratitude and self love.

Understanding that set backs are part of the process

and just keep going.

Dude! This is exciting at what is showing up in my income,

relationships and opportunities!

Excellence keeps on expanding and influencing everyone

and everything I touch!

Joy and Gratitude is my norm. 

Openness is a contagious condition that opens countless doors for me.

Up leveled everyday by my inspiring goals that

Reason and rules take a back seat to aligning to my highest vision

Nothing is impossible tapped into unlimited support and resources!

Approval of the highest kind is granted by Divine Love

Life is but a canvas for our journaled gratitudes
brought to life with every cherished moment.

Ruth Anne Wood © 9.17.17

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