Jim Donovan says “Don’t Let an Old Person move into YOUR BODY”

Can you stop an old person form moving into your body? Jim strongly believes that we make our own health and that there are plenty of resources from modern medicine, technology, healing arts and our mind set that play a part in fully enjoying life or becoming old before our time. Want to wring every ounce of joy, passion, happiness and health out of your precious live? Get ready to dive into a topic that has lots of dicey issues!

Ruth Anne Wood interviews Jim Donovan

“My Passion is to Help You Create the Life You Were Born to Live”

Jim Donovan is known as one of the most inspiring people in the personal development industry. Called “The original feel good guy,” due to his ability to bring out the best in people, he openly shares his own personal struggles and challenges.

He is a internationally recognized authority in the personal development industry, whose books are published in 22 countries.

In the small to mid-sized business arena, he is an expert in online and social media marketing and has shared his knowledge at leading Internet marketing for business events.

Jim delivers a message of hope and possibility to everyone he comes in contact with. Facing his own “demons” and overcoming impossible odds, he is able to see the potential in others even when they themselves cannot and his absolute refusal to accept limits, either in himself or others enables him to bring out the best in those who he encounters.

Several of Jim’s books have been proclaimed self-help classics and have inspired people of all ages and from all walks of life. His seminars have motivated audiences from single parents trying to get off welfare to company managers and business owners who want to achieve greater results.

Beyond simple inspiration and motivation, Jim provides people with workable strategies that enable them to take charge of their own destiny and reach their full potential.

For almost two decades he has positively impacted the lives of more than a million people worldwide and continues to do so today.

Jim’s driving principle is that “Within you is the power to change your life” and that we are, in fact, capable of creating the life we’ve always wanted.

He is available to speak to business groups, associations, and government agencies. His books are available wherever books are sold and a complimentary subscription to his “Jim’s Jems” newsletter, published since 1992, is available, along with a free gift, by registering to the right.

For more of Jim’s Gems visit: JimDonovan.com

I had the privilege of interviewing Jim about Don’t Let an Old Person move into YOUR BODY on his 64th birthday when he first published this comprehensive guide, including Jim’s revealing stories of costly, age compounding mistakes. What I love about Jim’s books is he demonstrates how mindset is key to transcending and reversing his age taxing mis-steps. From the author’s mouth get your kindle copy and listen to an insider edition of Jim’s most moving stories during his revealing Live Your Peace interview, Jim talks about life before he had that wake up call… when he still abused his body and how you can avoid his costly mistakes. I applaud Jim’s courage and leadership on a topic that affects us all so we better get help where we can sooner than later.

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