What happens when your adult self completes the poem your teenage self wrote 17 years later? That’s what happen one morning at Sunday service when I was inspired to jot down the memorized poem called “Connections” during Peter Moses’ entertaining talk on his spiritual Zen teacher interspersed with playing his original guitar songs. To my delight a satisfying response in a wiser, more playful voice did a call and response in my mind. With only seeing Peter a couple times I courageously walked up to him after his talk and made a bold request to record this poem with him. Peter graciously invited me to his home studio and became the first of many bold requests that got me out of my shell and let me to connecting with inspiring people around the world.


Starving, I may

2 But I have tasted the richness in life.

Standing here with open arms, begging,

4 I live off the dreams you’ve wasted.

Here, I offer you my soul’s philosophy.

6 We both have roots and fire in our words.

I feel you up here, down here with me;

8 Trying to unriddle our differences; Paradoxed in time,

10 Only too slowly on unsynchronized waves.

I hear your dreams ready to explode to the cosmos.

12 I hear your dreams brother.

I hear you.

Response echoed 17 years later…

Nourished I am.

2 As I taste the richness in life.

Standing here with open arms, rejoicing

4 I live on inspired prayers and musings.

Here, I offer you my soul’s deep knowing.

6 We both have roots and fire in our words.

We are infinite.

8 Connected in this sacred moment;

Made simple in this moment, in this moment and this…

10 Divine timing blesses our every song.

I hear your dreams make up the cosmos…

12 I hear your dreams sister and brother,

I am you.


Before Live Your Peace movie and interview series was a glint in Ruth’s eyes she heard Peter Moses speak at Circle of Miracles interfaith communiy. During Peter’s talk which included stories about his music, zen experiences and life’s big lessons on a spiritual path, Peter played his origonal songs on the guitar. Ruth found herself jotting down, “Connections” a poem she wrote half her life ago at 17 during one of her poet, dancer performance artist friend Rocky Wilson’s poetry readings whose writings were inspired by Walt Whitman. Then during Peter Moser’s talk at age 34 a response came to her teenage self in a Peter voice. After Peter’s talk, Ruth shared with him how his music and talk inspired her new perspective. That’s when Ruth made a bold request to a new friend to collaberate on a song.

Peter graciously invite Ruth to come to his home studio one Saturday afternoon. Peter quickly realized instead of writing an intricate melody and teaching Ruth how to sing, it was ideal to recite the lyrics and Peter offered to add original music in the back ground in a few months when he had the help of his musician friend. Ruth and Peter did multiple takes but the first reading of “Connections” was selected. Fast forward a year later the finished recording has been shipped to Ruth’s office and is now available for your enjoyment. You never know where your dreams will lead you. Be inspired. Follow your inner guidence. Make bold requests and enjoy how amazing connections take flight!

Peter Moses has performed for groups of young children, festivals, libraries, schools and major children’s music venues for the last 20 years. These include a sold-out Keswick Theatre, the 1999 Gubernatorial Children’s Celebration, Welcome America, The Please Touch Museum and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Peter’s concerts are highly participatory, funny and upbeat. Performances combine interactive singalongs with original folk & pop-rock for children. He accompanies himself on guitar, keyboards and harmonica. Peter has produced nine original music and song titles since 1990. His full-time endeavors include directorship of The Kids Music Experience. This is a national project of music enrichment for preschools and daycare centers. Peter is cofounder of The Hunger Council, a locally based nonprofit group for hunger relief and charitable projects. He is also a seminar leader for early childhood music education, and a facilitator for workshops offering personal, professional and spiritual wellness.

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7 Responses to Connections

  1. I love this! I am blown away by the magic of this blast from the past meets wise woman of ‘her’ future. I will be featuring it next Friday on the Bliss Blog. Here’s the link for “Kindred Connection”

    <3 Edie

  2. Lee says:

    How great that you have demonstrated so much that you have so long dreamed and put it into words so elegantly. I am so proud of you! I am also quite touched that you posted this on what would have been your grandfather’s 97th birthday. He was in my thoughts a lot on that day.

  3. Peter Moses says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Excellent job with the sweet musical blog 🙂 Thanks!

    Glad you like the Connection CD

    blessings in return,


  4. This is a superb post and may be one that should be followed up to see how things go

    A good friend sent this link the other day and I am eagerly awaiting your next write. Carry on on the very good work.

  5. Stumbled upon your site via msn the other day and absolutely adore it. Continue the truly great work.

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