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guests from around the world share inspirational stories on being an artist, entrepreneur, entertainer, singer song writer, peacemaker, finacial success and community leader

Heshie Segal Connecting Professionals and Helping Millions

For decades, Heshie Segal has devoted time to helping children in the US and around the world.  She has set up programs in schools, donating whatever was needed. Her goal is to raise funds for one million children to receive, … Continue reading

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Michele Blood transforms lives with light

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady with a diverse business arena. In addition to creating Musivation ™ products and seminars worldwide. She has trained major companies worldwide including Nestle, Prudential, Shell Oil, Motorola, LifeForce International. Her public Success Events … Continue reading

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Bucks County Housing Group Brings Peace Helping Homelessness

On Live Your Peace Ruth Anne Wood chats with Bucks County Housing Group’s Development officer Melissa Mantz about how helping address homelessness that affects a staggering 1200 families in the Bucks community brings about peace. There are so many sectors affected by … Continue reading

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Francesco Da Vinci, a notable photo journalist, film producer and conscientious objector

Francesco Da Vinci is a prominent photo journalist, peace activist and the author and documentary film maker of I REFUSE TO KILL: The War On War. It’s a true ‘60s story about peace activism that stirred the American conscience.  During the conversation Live … Continue reading

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“What is your best Possibility?” with coaches Chris and Jon

Jon Satin MBA and Chris Pattay BBA are  Life & Relationship Coaches, Business Consultants, Emotional Healers, Seminar Facilitators, Published Authors, and Entrepreneurs.  Since founding Possibility Coaches in 2002, they have been actively exploring the human experience and condition, and empowering individuals … Continue reading

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Remember The Spirit In Life and Business with Paul Hoyt

Paul Hoyt is a Business Consultant for small businesses and is the author of  Foundation Factor and Practice of Awakening. In today’s Live  Your Peace conversation we talked about his three great passions: 1) Paul loves business consulting (He LOVES small business owners!), 2) Personal / … Continue reading

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Caine’s Arcade is the Essence of Live Your Peace

One 9 year old kid named Caine builds a cardboard arcade to play and make friends. No one comes and plays. Then one day someone does. Nirvan stops by Caine’s dad’s shop to buy a rare car door nob and suddenly … Continue reading

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Kit Summers from Juggler to Hit by Truck to an Author Speaker Educator and Entertainer

World class juggler . . . 37 days in a coma . . . Remarkable Recovery . . . Author . . . Professional Speaker — who better than Kit Summers to help your business and employees advance?  Since 1975, “Success with … Continue reading

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Profitable Story Telling with Peace Maker Ronda Del Boccio

Ronda Del Boccio is a #1 bestselling author, speaker, mentor and storyteller. She turns visionaries, entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide into instant VIP authors.  She has brought numerous people to bestselling author status with much less time and effort than they thought possible. … Continue reading

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Jason Myers Independent Wealth Creator and Trainer

Jason is a pilot, inventor, serial entrepreneur, author, and perpetual sponge for knowledge. He has founded countless successful offline and online companies since the 1980’s. One of his first profitable businesses was in senior year in high school where he … Continue reading

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