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Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the experience, insight, charm, and warmth of Ruth Anne Wood. From comedies at city wide Live Arts Festivals to engaging the hearts and imaginations of audiences from Elementary School to Corporate to Panelist for Marketing, Publishing and Personal Development events Ruth teaches you with fun entertaining interactive stories and exercises to step into the real, profitable, live your best life you and script your success. Ruth’s mission and message speak to all kinds of audiences on a grand scale.

Ruth is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars, schools and events, and industry-specific trainings.


“Transform Debt Into Abundance:

Through Forgiveness, Mental Tithing and Meditation”

Ruth Anne Wood helped her clients get passed their money blocks generating a five and six figure clients and cash flow in days. She had done this work for her clients and husband’s IT business for years… After working with one man who was bartering for a place to live this particular client attracted $30K worth of marketing consulting business. Another client was going through a divorce and a massage client paid her $8K for future $100/ hour services both the same week they had the “Transform Debt Into Abundance” session with Ruth, the CEO of Scripting for Success. When she got the chance to contribute a chapter to a forthcoming best seller with supers authors and marketers Ruth had met being a panelist at live marketing events, Ruth leaped at the opportunity to unveil these heart and mind transforming solutions she was teaching her private Scripting for Success clients for almost a decade. Ruth’s step-by-step How-To Talk of turning your past losses into cash flow, opportunities and abundance will be an emotional and financial turning point in your company and audience’s lives. “This kind of insight could turn any startup to fortune 100 company around!”

“Position Yourself at the Top:

How to Present a Transformational Offer

and Be of Service to Superstars in Your Industry”

A powerful shift occurs in your career when you 1) First know how to help superstars in your industry and 2) Know how to position yourself as the leader in your community. It takes just as many hours in the day to promote your free be offers and entry level low priced services as it does to give your audience your best stuff and invite them to join your VIP clients implementing what you teach at the top. Ruth demonstrated what happens when you go from generalist in your business that does it all to the solution provider that gets results fast.  Ruth shows you how to boldly sell your transformation rather than all your wonderful hard earned credentials and how it can add zeros to your income to the left of the decimal point.

Turning Adversities into Adventures!” 

With every situation you have the opportunity to be a victim or turn the conversation in between your ears to fuel for success. Ruth Anne Wood encourages her audience to step into the starring roles in their life and call the shots in their happily-ever story and how to end their nail biting dramas. Whether it’s stress at work, a client that is wasting your precious time and resources, a love one that is in pain or giving you grief, a need for fast cash or hard to reach resources, Ruth offers Scripting for Success to the rescue. During her interactive, hands on talks Ruth transform audiences into directors of their own life story. From elementary school to VIP professionals she has people lined up at the mike to share their inspirational new “success news headline” written to make any lemon of a situation into rejuvenating lemonade aid success. She draws from the awe inspiring 100+ community leaders she has interviewed on her show LIVE YOUR PEACE.

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215-872-5035 ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com

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