The Secret To Grace Vanderwaal Winning AGT

Grace VanderWaal Wins America’s Got Talent Season 11 – America’s Got Talent 2016

If you are surprised that Grace Vanderwaal won, don’t be. Grace had the winning formula from start to finish that took over like a avalanche of support from Howie’s Golden Buzzer Moment to AGT Live Show.

10. Grace nailed her audition. 
a. The judges loved her look and personality.
b. The audience was inspired by her age, originality and     performance.

9. Grace immediately captured the hearts of her audience by being relatable.
    a. They connected with the real 12 year old whose friends didn’t know she could sing.
b. Grace’s hope and light heartedness when asked if she could win. Grace’s “Miracles Can Happen” immediately became her focus, mantra, tagline, magical ingredient that had her fans hooked every step of the way.

8.  Howie hit the Golden buzzer.
a. Howie reaping the highlights of Grace’s performance and turning it into instant proof that “Miracles Can Happen” transformed Grace’s private talent into a reality as her music suddenly reached millions of viewers. Here mantra, Success Headline or Script For Success was shared by millions!

7. Simon made the Taylor Swift prediction.
Simon’s proclamation that Grace is the next Taylor Swift was the one- two punch following Howie’s Golden Buzzer.

6. Her audition video went viral.
When audiences saw this refreshing, res twelve year old filled with so much love, light and life for her music, sister, family and life changing moment YouTube viewers had to share and watch the very public, original audition over and over and share it with our friends..

5. Grace kept her YouTube audience engaged for half a year (March to August 2016) till the Live AGT show.
Grace shared her private 12 year life, her emotional ups and downs, her corky humor and lovable comedic wit from bubbles on her legs in the shower to a SNL, MAD TV  style “beauty mask”.

4. Grace trained like a champion.
She went out there and performed and practiced from her living room, coffee shops to Summer Festivals. With every show she expanded her style and musical repertoire and shared it with her YouTube audience.

3. Grace is an original.
She funky owned her own lyrics and music. If Grace had played a cover during her AGT audition there would not be a legion of fans doing covers and when she was judged against the other singers and talents she would have been technically judged by the head instead of the heart.

2. Her theme love and light was universal.
Grace was true to her message from her bio videos on Focusing on shining to her love for her sister. As a true light, she honored her audience giving them the instant ability to be a star and shine. Her 12 year old smile and sweet heart lit up the room.

1. She focused on her dream and passions.
Being from a financially well off family with an idyllic home life and big sister Grace looks up to (is an amazing performer and shines in her own right), Grace made the experience about us, her audience, her dream career in New York and her Swiss Family Robbinson treehouse. Unlike the jugglers, contortionist, clairvoyants who had unapproachable talents, Grace singing her simple melodies from the heart was enough for her audience to relate to and imagine ourselves up there with Grace as we sang along with each tune! Instead of a tough luck sad bio .

Grace’s story was also simple and easy to remember. 12 year old writes songs about her love of her sister, being a 12 year old school girl and plays the ukulele. Case closed.


  • Be yourself.
  • Be inspirational.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be in the flow.
  • Be a shining light.
  • Be in awe of every new moment.
  • Be surrounded by a loving support.
  • Be immersed in your passion and creativity.
  • Be able to express your experience from the heart.
  • Be connected and share who you are
  • Be vulnerable and real

How are you Being a shining light? Share below in the comment section.


Ruth Anne Wood As Seen On FOX, ABC, CBS NEWS, NBCRuth Anne Wood studies Golden Buzzer moments and other instantaneous, heightened experiences. This helps Ruth’s clients plan and quickly attract dream come true moments including ideal, better than expected, life and business transformations including; financial, career and relationship miracles and synchronicities. Ruth does this through her process Scripting For Success, that uses Success Headlines, and Happily-ever-after stories that are written in a way thats quickly aligns the thoughts and emotions to that moment with a ZING that surges through the body when the client reads the script out loud.

“Miracles Can Happen”. Suddenly it’s easier for script writers to quickly notice ideal opportunities, recognize them in the déjà vu moment that matches the Success Script and then have the confidence to embrace the opportunity and create even more stellar moments for a rich and fulfilling life, career and relationship. Ruth Anne Wood is the author of Miracle MondaysGet Out Of Hot Water Fast!, You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! Visit for classes, free manifesting tools, VIP and corporate and organizational training to quickly access that Golden Buzzer ZING moment!

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