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You said you have money/ success blocks…

You’d be a great candidate for my “Increase Your Assets” Scripting For Success Module.

It use to be called, “Transform Debt Into Abundance: through Forgiveness, Mental Tithing and Meditation.” But my Quantum Leap coach and I discussed wanting to focus on people with assets not debt. What a 180° mindset shift!

Here’s the exercise!

Increase Your Assets” 

On a spread sheet:

1st List all your financial bills and debts; credit cards, mortgage, college, medical expenses….

2nd List all the money you’ve given away to others and they haven’t repaid you or they did not do what you wanted with them to do with the money. (Your daughter’s dance is a fine example.)

3rd List all the times with an estimated dollar amount the times you worked over time at work, or give away your services, knowledge expertise for free, or free rent to a friend getting back on their feet, they borrowed your toys for free…

4th List all the times someone stole from you; your brilliant idea to make money, or money you earned together, or in a shared business, or through tax or legal problems or a problem you solved for them that saved them thousands or more dollars and you never got the benefit of that.

5th List all the things you did for free that you could of paid someone to do it in you own family or business. For example, if you cleaned your own house instead of had a house cleaner (and this took away time from your business or enjoying your loved ones), or you did your own taxes instead of paying someone else to do the same work more effiecently or cost effectively, or you did anything that you resented doing in you own business or family practice that wasn’t fun. List that with a dollar amount on the spreadsheet. Or maybe you did activities that didn’t bring you you joy and instead it caused resentment… because you weren’t using that time to do what you really loved to do…

So the average baby boomer age 50+ I’ve done this exercise with in the last decade, has given away over $200,000+-$500,000+ in unappreciated goods and services!

I have a VIP day client in her 40’s that did the exercise and discovered she gave away over a $750K of her time and resources taking care of her emotionally unstable friend. This lead her to giving up her practice and becoming homeless for awhile. She grieved for a day once she realized how she let herself become a victim. However once we took each item on the spread sheet and saw the gift and how she was a strong, wealthy philanthropist some really cool blocks were removed and her practice began to take off!

The thing is there is so much unrecognized resentment, shame, self loathing about not being appreciated for all that we do for the community.

*My ultimate intension is to have this 7 step ASSET GROWTH program be used in every family, government organization especially in the United States where there is so much focus on National Debt instead of the countless gifts we’ve given the world in music, space exploration, medical breakthroughs, Scientific technology, engineering, Phycology, the arts…

<sniff> O.K. back to the massive contributions you have made as an individual!

6th Go through each dollar amount you added up in each category and take in how much you’ve given away to the community.

7th It’s time to change your story from unappreciated, undervalued, broke fool or victim/chump to WEALTHY PHILANTHROPIST! You’ve given away, donated over $200,000 in value to your community!

The next part in the process is turn those resentments into gifts of love and generosity.

With my students and clients we do a meditation that clears these blocks and transforms the conversation from pathetic victim to wealthy philanthropist and then through our Gratitude Journal notice all these synchronicities, opportunities and blessings that match the new SuccessScripts we’ve created and taken into the meditation used to talk directly to our debtors on a telepathic level. (This is game changing stuff.)

One VIP private client did it during our two hour session face-to-face in her office, and that week her $100/hour deep tissue massage client handed her a check for $8,000 to do more work with her! And the letter we wrote her soon to her soon to be cheating ex and read in the mediation worked like a charm! The ex finally did what she had asked him to do for two years to start the divorce proceedings after our loving gratitude conversation with him in the meditation! Wow!

Oh, and a recent client that did this exercise that was in her 70’s living on social security without a job and about to be on the street. Never mind she had two masters degrees and she was over qualified for anything, under the weight of huge debt and depression. Two months into our Scripting For Success weekly sessions, she changed her whole story about her donation/ ASSET GROWTH accounting sheet. She wrote under it something like:


A dam had been cracked and within a couple days she got an email for a job she really wanted over high months earlier from a company that wasn’t hiring until, well now. A couple weeks before she changed her conversation, chaos ensued and her life was in danger and she had to move out of her apartment to a place over an hour away. Turns out her new location was five minutes drive from the job she had demanded to have via her clear, concise, specific, measurable HOME/CAREER SuccessScript!

Other clients/students have suddenly gotten leaps in income through new consulting clients within a month of doing this full exercise with the meditation that includes the new SuccessScript of being a Wealthy Philanthropist.

Other weekly mastermind students have gotten their dream job, or an employer gave them an unexpected pay raise or a distant relative out of the blue offered to pay for their oldest teen’s college education and room and board. (These are case studies form my MIRACLE MONDAYS six week call mastermind.) Get on the waiting list via email here!

Other students of this exercise have had unexpected saving on purchases or won things. I’m not saying this will happen to you. I’m just saying the first step is to acknowledge all the UNTAPPED value you’ve already tithed, donated, gave over the years. The universe hates a vacuum. Once the emotions and mental thinking has changed from victim to victor… very cool things begin to shift!

It’s usually under my watch, because sadly they have the mega blessings from our work together but not the same level of confidence to Script the same fantastic results for more of the same. Although I’ve given them the Scripting tools.

I guess my super power is really listening through our live calls or what they write in the forum and knowing what one sentence, SuccessScript or short story to write that will bypass their inner critic and help them notice ideal conversations and opportunities just like setting a Google Alert for keywords. The subconscious mind will remember the happily-ever-after story and send you physical signs or notifications that match your written intentions!

Back to ASSET GROWTH exercise… Now most people can only forgive about 2% of the unclaimed debt or philanthropy in the first pass. That’s why my client/student’s average jump in unexpected gifts, savings and blessings are somewhere between $2,000-$5,000 in value! (You know out of the $200,000-$500,000) baby boomers years 50+ have resentfully given away in the last 5, 10,20, 40+ years.) That’s why, like eating and exercising you have to read these one scene or paragraph SuccessScripts everyday to feel the most satisfied! I actually say, whenever you want to feel good and feel that ZING! energy infused in every approved SuccessScript go ahead and read it out loud.

What’s the ZING energy? It’s the energy that ZINGS all around your body when you read your SuccessScript out loud. If you don’t feel the ZING then something is amiss either with the desired end result in the News Headline or Happily-Ever-After story. It could be you believe you don’t believe you deserve the results in the SuccessScript or you’ve added unnecessary words that slow down the energy down like adding steps to the goal instead of focusing on the desired outcome.

What ever it is, I can read the script in the forum and immediately offer specific feedback. Then the member reads it out loud and tweaks it until they feel the ZING!

Talk about a quick way to measure effective intention/goal setting in a specific way that by-passess the inner critic. You’ll learn right away in the forum. It’s the same reason prayer, affirmations and even goal setting are hit or miss. There isn’t the mental, emotional and physical test drive to discover if you are in alignment with your chosen result!!

Regarding the ASSET GROWTH exercise, if you would love help exhilarating this process of uncovering how much value you’ve given away and need help clearing the mental and emotional blocks that house the resentment, unworthiness, fear of success (after giving away so much without the recognition or monetary rewards) to the new story of “valued contributor”, “wealthy philanthropist” JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY where paid members get ongoing support from founder Ruth Anne Wood.

Every financial story and written, spoken SuccessScript has a negative or positive vibration. Ruth quickly reads where you are stuck on your spreadsheet and in your SuccessScript and chooses members to write the exact statement or SuccessScripts you need to transcend the block, inner critic or saboteur while having on going training on the Scripting For Success process and guidelines. Cool, huh?!

Here seasoned students in the paid membership forum have learned through Ruth’s ongoing training and resources, including her scientific method of what words create blocks and slow down the ASSET GROWTH and what words SUPERCHARGE win/win conversations, unexpected blessings and opportunities!

There is no contract and you’re not locked into the membership. It’s just $97/month.

There are no refunds.

If for any reason you want to get one-on-one attention in Ruth’s private sessions for more than 10X’s the investment as the group membership (though many private clients find the forum feedback invaluable)

or you just don’t have the time to fill your day with ASSET GROWTH conversations and you want to leave this tight nit community of ASSET GROWTH SUPERSTARS…

Just go to your secure PayPal profile and stop the monthly or yearly reoccurring payment. You will not billed any more, and you will loose your introductory membership rate locked in for the lifetime of your membership.

Click here to join us and: Δ Change your conversation. ∇ Change your world!

Here’s to Scripting Your Success!



The first thing you will see when you become a member at is the opportunity to privately submit your ASSET GROWTH spreadsheet. You’ll have the option to receive direct feedback in the group from Ruth, without revealing any of your sensitive financial information. Some of the feedback will be centered around the SuccessScript to help transcend those money, income, asset growth, career, relationship blocks.

There will be other threads in the Facebook forum on the other SuccessScript exercises or direct insights gleaned from Live Your Peace luminary/thought leader guest interviews and training.

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