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This video was the product of the question “What if you had three minutes on the global stage at the Nobel Peace Concert to share your message of Peace, Passion and Prosperity, what would you express?” Within six weeks the goal to have this conversation and edit a 3-7 minute presentation of our four hour conversation was created and email to Nobel Peace Committee by the award ceremony!

Ruth helps pioneers and leaders through the power of community building and being of service to the superstars and raving fans in the already thriving communities.


July 23, 2011, 4am epiphany- light struck my brain and I couldn’t get back to sleep… I begin thinking how the first week I announced Live Your Peace as an afternoon workshop at my interfaith church Circle of Miracles I raised $1250 in a weekend thanks to my desire to film people stating a message for Peace in three minutes or less at the Nobel Peace Concert. This was years after I had started helping innovative leaders get unstuck and write, publish and promote books at Scripting For Success including two of my own; Abundant Magical Lives; Insights for Passionate People and You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! or listen to: 6 Steps to Setting & Achieving Your Dreams

  • This seed of a idea germinated when I booked space at Circle Of Miracles to host a filmed afternoon discussion with community peacemakers to have a conversation on Peace, Passion and Prosperity.
  • I announce my November 29, 2009 workshop would be the last Sunday in October.
  • A retired Emmy award winning film maker who just moved from Hollywood to Lambertville, Pennsylvania asked who was going to film such an event.
  • I hired Bill Jersey, this Emmy award winning film maker and supporter of the project- “To create a 3-7 minute film from our four hour afternoon workshop and send it to the Nobel Peace Committee by December 10, 2009, (the day Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway.)  The seeds were planted to give a three minute speech at the Nobel Peace Concert and the Live Your Peace sapling took root.
  • Once Emmy award winning filmmaker Bill Jersey was on board to shoot the afternoon my triumphant fan and publicity promoter, Bliss Mistress Edie Weinstien began enthusiastically telling her friends.
  • After a couple cast members bought their $50 tickets my first $250 sponsor Nancy Dreyfus came in within 48 hours thanks to PR Goddess Edie Weinstien. That when my generous benefactor and husband Jason Wood ponied up with his $250 sponsorship position.
  • 16 attendees who believed in the noble quest to be in a 3-7 minute trailer to be sent to the Nobel Peace Committee, December 10, 2011, eight weeks after Live Your Peace was conceived made up the total $1250 amount raised for Live Your Peace. That money was quickly spent on two superstar mentor programs, a website, workshop supplies, “Peace Soup” lunch feed to the cast before the filming and $100 charitable donations to: and
  • Since June 2011, Ruth Anne Wood has interviewed over 60+ awe inspiring community leaders with amazing work and community service!
  • In April 1 2011 we made a commitment to be in the 2011 Philly Fringe with $600 in Registration, Marketing and Artist Insurance fees.
  • In May 2011 became our first official sponsor for our Philly Fringe free virtual experience “One Peace at a Time”  gifted to the “City of Brotherly Love”
  • June 20, 2011 Rick Toone introduced Ruth Anne Wood and Ken McArthur and a whole new world opened for Ruth and her ability to connect with and speak on stage with superstar entrepreneurs.
  • July 17, 2011 begun 60 Day Quest as a cast member in Mike Shoeman’s “Destiny 5” reality show.
  • September 2-17, 2011 Live Your Peace Philly Fringe free virtual experience “One Peace at a Time” was featured on a daily blog showcasing 65 guests throughout the 15 day festival on home page that included a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format and categories of guests including the Pitbull of Personal Development, Larry Winget. Then there were highlights of Ruth’s adventures to Las Vegas to study from Frank Kern and Kevin Nations and then Baeth Davis in Phoenix Arizona.
  • September 16-18 Ruth was an expert Panelist for Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live San Diego and had the pleasure of sitting right next to superstar Mike Koenigs, CEO and Founder of Traffic Geyser, just as she set the goal a year earlier.
  • Promotional Partner for Celebrate Your Life event November 4-7 with superstar authors and teachers.
  • Ruth was invited back as an expert panelist for Ken McArthur‘s jvAlert Atlanta 
  • The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary came out featuring stories with many community leaders including Ruth Anne Wood
  • Ruth interviewed her friend the “Bliss Mistress” Edie Weinstein on Live Your Peace.
  • Over 160 interviews with top community leaders around the world on peace, passion and prosperity with a new one added each week.
  • Live Your Peace is turned into an interactive paid membership site complete with luminary interviews, group mentoring program focused on Philanthropy and Asset Growth through Ruth transformational Scripting For Success process.
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